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People from Kherson region appeal to protest against Kiev powers

Ukrainian radicals have mined power lines between Crimea and Kherson region.

People from Kherson region appeal to Ministry of Internal Affairs and Head department of Security Service of Ukraine in Kherson region to react somehow on this information. They are sure that power lines explosion will harm firstly Kherson region but not Crimea. A man from Kherson Aleksey Zhuravko wrote on his page in Facebook: “I call Security Service and Interior Ministry to send operatives and field engineers immediately to location — inaction in this situation will not only lead to economic and technological disasters, if not the courts will treat this as police brutality and assistance to terrorism…They have already exhausted Crimea, but in fact in Crimea people are satisfied and here, in Kherson, are struggling.Power line undermining will bring darkness and cold not to the Crimea, but to Kherson region and the rest of Ukraine! Do not let this antinational and marginalized power to clap our region into coldness and darkness, hunger and ruin! Let’s protest against pseudo-powers!”.