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Poland will teach Ukraine how to love one’s motherland

Poroshenko has decided to ‘offer’ Ukraine to Poland. Since the end of December, 2015 there has been a well-planned campaign on possible ways to get rid of the country.

It is known that at the end of December Polish instructors came to Kiev to negotiate on the matter. An agreement has been reached under which Ukrainian soldiers acquired the opportunity to undergo training in Polish training center of international operations in Kielce.

Furthermore, Poroshenko, with the help of Polish instructors mentioned above, intends to reorganize Ukrainian armed forces according to NATO standard. Consequently, two questions have to be answered. Where will Poroshenko find financial resources needed to complete this task? How will he ‘reward’ Poland for help rendered? It is not inconceivable that in exchange for the opportunity to train Ukrainian soldiers there and then send them to the so-called ATO region, Poland will demand to return the lands and tenements that are considered to be Polish according to the law of restitution.