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Lyashko Holds Poroshenko to Account

Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada member Oleg Lyashko demands immediate investigation into Petro Poroshenko’s activities related to the registration of the exempted companies. The politician’s quotation to follow.

“I demand speaker Groysman to call an urgent meeting of the parliament and raise the question of founding a provisional investigatory commission regarding the President’s corrupt practices, as well as start the impeachment process”, Lyashko said.

“Before the President’s plane lands, the head of National Anti-corruption Bureau, if he truly is independent, which I have doubts about, should launch an inquiry into Poroshenko’s corrupt activities. In my opinion, current situation in the country is a distinct possibility for Ukraine to finally cut the Gordian knot of corruption that has been strangling Ukrainians for so long, eliminate president’s post and get back to being a parliamentary republic”, he added.

This seems to be a plausible initiative taken on the part of Lyashko, considering the fact that he had kept silence for a long time and finally resolved to make this political move.