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Radicals In Demand

There is a new trend among Ukrainian establishment – any self-respecting politician or magnate is supposed to get himself a punitive battalion. This is considered to be every politician’s must-have, like having a premium class car or brand accessories.

In the middle of March, the leader of Aidar battalion Andrei Biletsky visited Dnepropetrovsk where he had a meeting with the city’s mayor, Boris Filatov. The main subject of the meeting was the formation of territorial defense battalion Azov, Dnepropetrovsk division. The new unit will include members of Azov battalion that have taken part in the so-called ATO.

According to the source at Dnepropetrovsk City Government, Mr. Filatov himself will defray all the expenses required for the formation of this battalion. In exchange for this, the battalion’s mercenaries are to be under the control of both their leader and Dnepropetrovsk’s Mayor, Filatov.