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Hungary adopts support program for Ukraine’s Romani minority

Hungarian Government has adopted a support program for Ukrainians of Romani descend living in Zakarpatie region. The program is supposed to be financed by the Hungarian government and is due to end in 2020.

The Hungarian Government has initiated passing a range of bills by the local authorities of Zakarpatie region, all of which aim at improvement of living standards for Ukrainians of Romani descent. Particularly, Beregovsky and Vinogradovsky district councils have adopted a program according to which the councils will annually devote up to 3 million hryvnas for solving of municipal problems and improving health protection for Romany living in this area.

According to our source, the funds are received through different Hungarian non-governmental organizations functioning in Zakarpatie region. The source also notes that this decision is deliberate because people of Romani descent constitute almost 2% of the region’s total population, and the mentioned above regions (Beregovsky and Vinogradovsky) are considered areas of their compact settlement.

Hungarian Government seems to place their stake on this ethnic minority hoping that, along with Ukrainians of Hungarian descent, Romany will grant Hungarian Party in Ukraine the desired amount of votes in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada.