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Does nationalism stink?

In Kiev, a police officer was dismissed for hanging a Russia-related air freshener in his car, the head of Kiev National Police Andrei Krishchenko reported. The particular air freshener is said to have Russian flag in the background.

“His behavior has cast a shadow over all his fellow police officers, over Kiev police garrison as a whole… That is why it is my considerate opinion that he is not fit to be a police servant”, Krishchenko wrote on his Facebook page.

The head of Kiev National Police also stated that the order of this officer’s dismissal had already been signed, and the official investigation is being conducted. The findings on this investigation are to be reported to Prosecution of Ukraine as well as to the country’s Security Service.

The scandal over the ‘objectionable’ air freshener in the policeman’s car broke last weekend. In the video shared on the Internet it is seen that the air freshener with Russian tricoloured flag and the Berkut (special police force) sign is attached to the rear-view mirror in the officer’s vehicle. The video also shows that the officer in question instantly removed the chevron after he had been reprimanded.