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Gas to be as valuable as gold for Ukraine

Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers intends to fulfill one of the main requirements of the International Monetary Fund – namely, to increase gas tariffs for households to 100% of the import parity, reports web paper ‘Economic truth’.

It is noted that the increase of the parity up to 75% has initially been scheduled for April 1, however, Yatsenyuk’s Government postponed it for a month. In fact, by increasing the tariffs to 100%, the Cabinet will do even more than it is required by the IMF, the web paper points out.

“The aim is to go through the negative attitude all at once, without stretching the effect for two years. But people have not yet adapted to current prices. Plus this year, it was a mild winter, and I am afraid we will see a payments crisis,” one of the MP’s says. According to him, the dispute on raising the parity up to 75% or 100% has been raging until recently.

Furthermore, the price of imported gas decreased more and faster than it was expected. So now it is possible to increase the domestic price and, at the same time, to enter the zero financial balance of Naftogaz (the gas supply company).