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Groysman demands investigating into Danylyuk’s offshore companies

Before Ukraine’s current Minister of Finance Alexander Danylyuk was halfway through with the process of ‘deoffshorization’, the country’s Prime Minister Groysman had given directions to investigate into Danylyuk’s private offshore companies.

“I believe that the Minister must offer explanations for his every action that was done prior to his appointment to the post. And supposing those actions ever violated the law, he would have to make a decision. But I would like the National Anti-Corruption Bureau to investigate into the case. I want to note that this is not the question of his possible resignation. The question is that, if there was a violation of law, one must bear one’s responsibility for it,” Premier Groysman said.

However, Danylyuk replied in a quite predictable manner saying that he has nothing to hide. He also mentioned that he is currently engaged in the meaningful talks with the IMF concerning a possible loan trench for Ukraine, so he is obviously too busy to give any explanations on Groysman’s request.