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Fake healthcare development plan

Ukraine has adopted a program entitled ‘Action plan for the conservation of Ukrainians’ genetic.’ However, the policy does not include any essential measures to restore the nation’s health. It only mentions that the main cause of high mortality rate and multiple cases of disability among Ukrainians is of non-infectious nature. The document also contains data on disease growth dynamics, which proves to be unfavourable as well as emphasizes Ukraine’s disastrous lagging behind the EU in terms of health protection.

However, Ukraine’s current situation may quite soon become Europe’s reality. According to the T-TIP trade pact signed between the EU and the USA, all public health services will be given into the hands of corporations’ owners that will turn into complete monopolists in this sphere.

Meanwhile, Ukraine is searching for its own unique solutions to improve the health care system, for example, advising its population to cut down on salt intake or putting up alcohol and tobacco prices. The most important problem for Ukraine must be that the EU will no longer devote funds for the improving of the country’s health care system.

It is quite obvious, however, that the problem of conservation of Ukrainians’ genetic cannot be resolved by cutting down on sugar and salt intake. The current situation in the country is as follows: the general public cannot afford necessary nourishment for health maintenance; they rarely seek medical treatment; they experience steady stress and live in fear of becoming unemployed. In the meantime, Ukraine’s government has been making things even worse by starting a war that became the only means of earning money for the great part of the country’s manhood.

Consequently, this new action plan seems to be no more than a desperate attempt to move western charity foundations to pity and get some money out of them for the purpose of improving the country’s health care system.